As an offshore outsourcing company in India ,Skelves Technology offers excellence in exceptional, on-time and business-centric software/Application development outsourcing services to meet the client's requirements. We are a software outsourcing company that realizes that running your business while attempting to grow is a tough job in today’s demanding & competitive environment. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or an independent software consultant, we are always interested in exploring avenues of working together - sharing risk and revenue. Our aim is to provide clients with an access to the pool of professionals having the desired skill-set, as required by the client on a project-based or full-time employee (FTE) basis. Here, we organize and manage the operations of the projects while regularly training the team with the technological advancements. Furthermore, we maintain the database of experts to meet the explicit business goals and requirements the individual Client. 


USA : +1-845-666-1730

UK : +44-703-197-5104

IND:+91 9097 448409

FAX: +44 7024 051816


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