Skelves Technology offers A Wild rang of Payment Gateway Solution.

 Paypal


 Ccavenue


 etc.

Preferred and popular payment gateway integrations



A remotely hosted software application, ideally suited for online payments, business transactions and payment gateway integration, lets traders accept electronic payments and credit cards online through hosted website. The booming online shopping phenomenon and e-commerce sites combined with lower prices and deals and use of online financial transactions are increasing by the day. Digital and electronic transfer of currency is preferred over conventional payment methods due to enhanced security and assurance given by the site to customers. New York, the financial capital of the world’s largest economy, has to deliver the needs of millions, thereby requiring a secure and reliable Payment Gateway Integration. Asahi Technologies, a custom software solutions firm based in New York, provides online merchants to integrate with a wide range of payment gateway applications by handling online transactions, including PayPal, Google Checkout,, Cyber Source and LinkPoint.


How does Payment Gateway Integration tool work?


When a potential customer browses through the business firm’s website and finds the product or service useful, he places the order through his credit card or any other payment source. The payment data is sent securely to the financial institution/ bank for processing and the money is transferred to the firm’s account. In addition to these operations, some of the payment gateways offer automatic recurring billing option for easy access to recurring billing options. Transactions done through automatic recurring billing option can be repeated on a monthly, tri monthly, semiannual and annual basis.





The most widely used payment gateway tool in the world, PayPal, started life as an internet financial services company. It was acquired by the multinational corporation, eBay, in 2002, making it a global brand. PayPal has created a custom tool X commerce, technology platform for all e-commerce products and capabilities. Also there are advantages of PayPal over other payment gateway integration processors. For instance, apart from a wide network service and platform, PayPal is the only gateway that offers an iphone application for online transactions on the move. With highly upgraded security and flexibility PayPal is the most essential payment gateway integration tool for any e-commerce site, selling products and services.


Google Checkout


An online payment gateway, developed by search engine giant Google, the Google checkout is aimed at simplifying online payments for purchases. Although Google checkout does not offer phone, e-mail support or any gift vouchers, it is expected to reach merchants using its influence on the search engine and mobile platforms. Unlike other payment processing tools, Google checkout has lower charge per transaction, making it an attractive option.




Primarily designed to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises, 2Checkout is a simplified module of payment processing gateway. Since 2Checkout offers global credit card processing compatible with multiple currency and language, it can be utilized in many parts of the world. The gateway also provides PCI compliance security to prevent fraudsters and scammers from operating in business transaction environment.


Used by more than 370000 merchants all over the world, is one of the most trusted payment gateway integration tools, assisting merchants for credit card and electronic check payments efficiently. The payment data from card number to expiration date are safely with Trustwave and SSL tools, which is processed and transferred into merchant account. Apart from providing a secure transaction, provides exclusive security, marketing and accounting services for merchants, giving them an edge over other competitors.




Known for its international payment options, CyberSource is an effective provider of online payment and risk management services. In addition to its global payment processing service, CyberSource renders fast, reliable and secure card processing in multiple currencies. CyberSource also offers utilities like eCheck, IVR payment, tax calculation and managed billing for supporting businesses. Spread through 190 countries in 21 different currencies, CyberSource is a global Payment Integration Tool.




Packed with features, LinkPoint is a powerful payment gateway platform. It allows retail, mail order/telephonic order (MO/TO), and merchants who accept orders via email or fax to key in online payments by logging into a highly secure Web-based service. Its other utilities include recurring billing, comprehensive reporting, fraud protection, customization and configurable product catalogue. These utilities efficiently support an e-commerce site to its full functionality.


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