Fast Agent Desktop

One of the key challenges companies and government agencies face in the call center world is to easily and quickly deliver all relevant customer information on a single screen so that their call center agents have a complete view of the customer without having to switch between applications. Skelves is a flexible business process platform, designed around the customer, on which call center managers can easily build a fast, highly tailored agent desktop application. The Skelves platform leverages different customer identifiers (e.g. incoming phone number, customer name, customer email address) to aggregate all relevant customer information stored in different systems and databases into one application. This means increased productivity for the call center agent, increased customer satisfaction and greater first call resolution.

CTI Integration

The key for any successful call center deployment is Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). SkelvesCRM Call Center customers can integrate with telephony technology providers including, but not limited to, Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco and Fonality.
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Smarter Commerce

SkelvesCRM is a key component in IBM’s Smarter Commerce solution. SkelvesCRM delivers the customer service software solution in Smarter Commerce by enabling call center agents in a variety of different customer service scenarios access to all relevant customer information stored on different systems and databases from a single Agent Desktop application. SkelvesCRM compliments the IBM Smarter Commerce solution by:

  • Enabling call center agents to assist customers with online transactions.
  • Reducing call handle time through CTI integration for inbound call center enquires.
  • Simplifying the RMA (return merchandise authorization) process through tight integration with IBM Commerce software.
  • Answering customer questions through an online knowledge base solution.

Our Mission

Skelves Technology wants to be a dependable world-class organization. We shall imbibe the spirit of entrepreneurship within each individual throughout the organization.

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