Skelves Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a custom software development company with longtime expertise in IT and considerable portfolio of successfully completed international projects. Our projects range from single-purpose tasks for small businesses to highly complex, multi-platform systems for large corporate clients. You will find the right solution with services we provide.
That is a fair question and there is a firm answer. Skelves Technology Pvt. Ltd. is an Offshore outsource software development companyis staffed with experts who are well versed in every aspect of E-business. From your start-up, to your launch and on to your business building campaigns Skelves Technology Pvt. Ltd.  uses innovative techniques and strategies for every step to ensure your success in E-business.

We work with you one on one giving you the personal service you deserve to ensure that your internet presence far exceeds your competition. The service and support you receive from Skelves Technology Pvt. Ltd.  is unrivaled. When you choose Skelves Technology Pvt. Ltd., you can rest assured that your website will be first-rate and user friendly, developed with state-of-the-art technology and modern techniques.

We visualize instilling intense human values in our team, and inculcating wisdom, logic and a keen judgment of ethical code of conduct to create Intelligence immeasurable that can deliver the best praiseworthy business solutions for our clients.
Proven Project Management and Technological Expertise
Skelves Technology Pvt. Ltd. has proven project management skills and technological expertise needed for successful completion of any project. With more than 1000 projects that we have successfully worked on Skelves Technology Pvt. Ltd.  has gained mastery over complete project management cycle for any software development. In technology domain its also very important that company is not just good in one technology because that constrains effective solution providing capabilities. And keeping this point in mind we have consciously worked on different set of technologies from system level to open source to commercial technologies to latest mobile platforms.
Complete Security and Protection
Our development center is protected with advanced access control systems, 24/7 guard service, restricted and careful usage of any mobile devices and cellular phones. We unconditionally guarantee the protection of your intellectual property, design and development specifications, proprietary software and data with the highest levels of security. You must have full ownership of all intellectual property and software source code. We maintain strict confidentiality about our clients and never provide any of your personal or business information to other companies or individuals.
Price and Value Recompense
Skelves Technology Pvt. Ltd. has proven proficiency particularly in about well-paid price, but high quality and reliable software solutions and services in areas like IT consulting, Offshore Web Development and business applications including E-commerce, finance, manufacturing, and many other business systems . Offshore outsourcing with Skelves Technology Pvt. Ltd.  fetches the benefit for your dedicated team of extremely skilled software designers, architects and programmers and the Price, which is very less for hiring full time in-house resources or using IT consultants in the INDIA, USA  AND UK.
Dedicated Resources with Long Term Stability
Long-term stability is the prime fact of our company that preserves and guarantees a successful and seamless project run with the complete business orientation. Therefore, we get ready our team of technical experts to meet your explicit software development needs. This team must be assigned and dedicated to you as an extension of your in-house IT group. As they become expert in your software, they must build a strong foundation that expedites future development efforts.
Commitment to Quality
Quality is the paramount factor for any service. Our portfolio as well as the taken up projects speaks about our services that we have provided so far. The reputation on delivering top quality software to our clients is the potentiality we have accomplished by and large. We work closely with your in-house team during the development process to ensure that the finished software product delivers the full functionality required to meet your needs.
Transparency of Operations & Communication
Transparency makes working at ease simplifying the distance where we are. We build effective communication patterns. We are open. We speak your language on all levels. Our close and regular communication system can boost up the advantage of development methodology as per your concerns.
Your success implies our business
At Skelves Technology Pvt. Ltd. , it is very much possible to order the services with a single access point. You can come up to inquire from, designing and distribution of packages with application installation to the technical support and maintenance. Such a "one-stop" service releases to the clients for any additional product-related costs, which can save your valuable time and allow you to have a long-term partnership with us.
Professionalism and trustworthiness
Professionalism and trustworthiness is one of the another important figure that we cherish. Skelves Technology Pvt. Ltd. is committed to have the responsibility of the projects that speaks about the technology competence and expertise abilities. For each step in the project being executed, we at Skelves Technology Pvt. Ltd. , do our best to perform tasks with responsibility by using knowledge, creativity and skills to the maximum efficiently.

We welcome you sincerely to have a glance at our Services for further business relationships.


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